Meet some of our ladies below!




Sharon is from San Diego, California and is one of the four founders of HGG. Like all members, she has a deep love of Tom Clancy's The Division and can be found almost exclusively in the dark zone cutting ropes, going manhunt, or getting folded by opposing agents. She loves most pvp=based shooter games but prefers ones that are more realistic. She spent much of her early gaming years as a console player, but now mains on pc and streams part time when she is not chasing down another degree in school or spending countless hours at work. Some of her favorite games include: Tom Clancy’s The Division, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, SIMS 4, GTA V, Battlefield, and PlanetSide.

You can find Sharon on Twitch, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.




Maverick, or Mavy to her friends, is primarily a pve player who dabbles in pvp in multiple games. Her love for pve began with games like Skyrim and Fallout. She started her "hardcore" gaming in 2014 with GTA 5 Online; this is where she got a taste of pvp and where she most enjoys pvp til this day. In Tom Clancy's 'The Division, Mavy can mostly be found attempting solo legendary missions or fighting for a new personal best score in survival. On occasion, she enjoys watching other players bleed out with her vicious predator's mark build in skirmish. One of the proud founders of Division Hardcore Girl Gamers (HGG), Mavy is enthusiastically in love with the Tom Clancy's The Division franchise and community. She is honored to be a part of HGG, greatly supports its mission within the gaming community, and enjoys being a sister to fellow HGG members.

You can find Maverick_CW on Twitch and Twitter​.

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Media Coordinator

Miss Adventure is gamer and streamer from the U.K. An Xbox Ambassador and HGG agent. She has been playing games since she can remember but the game that hooked her was Sonic on the Sega Mega Drive. She loves playing Division 1 PvP and has made the Dark Zone her home. She also plays Ghost Recon, Destiny and other online coop games were team play is very important. HGG is very special to her and she says the advice and support from her sisters in the community is invaluable.

You can find MissAdventure on TwitchTwitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.



Charity Event Coordinator

MRSxROB is from Defuniak Springs, FL. She is a PvE and PvP player with a passion for Division 1 and 2. She has been playing console games since she was 4 starting with Atari and progressing through the years. These days she can be found on the Xbox making people rage in Call of Duty or running legendary missions on Div 2 with other HGG members.

You can find MRSxROB on Twitter,



Community Coordinator

CCFields is our local HGG Baguette from France. She stopped being scared of PVP by joining HGG, and streams from time to time her adventures on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and The Division 2. When she's not using guns in games, you'll find her gardening in Animal Crossing and taking care of our community!

You can find CCFields on Twitch and Twitter.



Mentor Coordinator

Ugla is from Norway, and is a big fan of RPG/FPS games on PC. She primarily plays Tom Clancy's The Division 1 and 2, 
COD:MW (even the old COD's), Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. She also loves the Far Cry franchise, 
The Witcher series and Diablo. A lot of her time is spent modding for HGG sisters and other channels on Twitch.
She's honored and very grateful to be a part of HGG.

You can find Ugla on Twitter.




TorpedoGnome has been playing video games since she was a little girl, with her first game being Atari's Pong. She loves RPG games and is a hardcore PvE player. Torpedo currently plays Tom Clancy's Breakpoint, but her favorite game is Tom Clancy's the Division 2. You will find her clearing level 4 control points or running legendary missions with her HGG sisters.

You can find TorpedoGnome on Twitter,




c4ridw3n has been a hardcore gamer all of her life: "Growing up in the frozen north, gaming and horror movies kept the cold and the darkness at bay. My most memorable games throughout the years: Nintendo: Zelda, Metroid, Going to Arcades!!! PC: Tetris, 3-Demon, Doom (all), Wolfenstein 3-D, Quake, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress and Team Fortress 2, WOW, Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2, Borderlands, Left4dead2, Division 1 and 2, PUBG, and now really feeling some R6Siege with a good team. I can't ever see myself not gaming. A good co-op on ultra hard mode or some coordinated, strategic PVP is what makes me grin from ear to ear. I joined HGG in May of 2019 and in that time I have really felt like I have found a sanctuary to talk, scream, laugh or cry."

You can find c4ridw3n on Twitter.




Uberstooks is a sassy, energetic, and fun-loving Aussie (aka Tomorrowland Person). She's plays a variety of games--within HGG's repertoire, you can find her playing Call of Duty, Tom Clancy's The Division, and Ghost Recon. In addition to hanging with her HGG sisters, Uber also serves as a mentor, where she helps integrate new members into the community. She's proud to be a part of HGG and can't wait for what its future holds.

You can find Uberstooks on Twitter and Twitch.




Teague is an HGG Sister from the UK. You’ll find her playing FPS games such as Rainbow Six: Siege and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, as well as a few RPG and Simulator games. Teague grew up in the PS2 and Gameboy generation, and some of her favourite titles include Kingdom Hearts, Jak and Daxter, Spiderman, Dark Cloud and Pokémon. Her first introduction to PC gaming was RuneScape, which she still enjoys now!

You can find CupOfTeague on most socials here.




BouncingBecky is a friendly, lively, and versatile gamer from the UK. She's plays a variety of games (especially first-person shooters) on a variety of consoles, ranging from XBOX and PC to Switch and Oculus Quest VR. Within HGG's repertoire, you can find her playing Call of Duty (she's definitely a COD lover!). BouncingBecky loves having a chill, fun time with her fellow HGG members, gamers, and friends (and her two super cute sausage dogs!). She's enjoys and is proud to be a part of HGG.

You can find BouncingBecky on Twitter and Twitch.




Phaedra94 is a gamer from the U.S. A PS4 Ambassador and HGG agent, she has been playing video games since she could hold a controller. Her first video games were the original blocky Tomb Raider and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. She is a huge fan of FPS, RPG and MMORPG games. She plays Division 1 and 2, Destiny 2, Overwatch, Battlefront 2 and Battlefield 4 and 5. She may be one of the newer HGG members, but she feels at home. HGG is very supportive and welcoming.

You can find Phaedra94 on Instagram and Twitter.




Butterz loves playing a variety of games on xbox, ps4 and pc. Her favorite game currently is Tom Clancy's The Division, where she enjoys pvp survival, trying her best to be the most awesome facetanking healer, or running legendary missions with randoms to see how fast she can rage. Gaming is as natural to her as breathing. Her older siblings made sure she knew what an atari and intellivision were. Playing with and for HGG has made her feel more self-assured in her gaming interests. She looks forward to broadening her reach to other gamers and communities with fun and free-spirited, like-minded friends.

You can find Butterz on Twitch and Twitter.